Majority Rule

Conservatives claim we should not have a majority rule government.

So what is their problem?

One conservative writes: “Contrary to popular belief, the USA is not a Majoritarian democracy as they can have an elected individual based through points from majority of county and further state votes. This means an individual can be in power in the USA while having a minority vote overall.”

“Though common, majoritarian democracy is not universally accepted – majoritarian democracy was famously criticized as having the inherent danger of becoming a ‘tyranny of the majority’ whereby the majority in society could oppress or exclude minority groups, which can lead to violence and civil war.”


Senator Joe Manchin has an old dirty box of excuses he pulls out and uses to explain why he will not or did not vote for a bill.

“The Tyranny of the Majority” is one of Manchin’s favorite excuses for not voting for a bill.

Sen. Manchin won’t say, “Hey I’m not voting for this bill because it contains clean energy legislation which would hurt my DIRTY COAL EMPIRE,” so instead Manchin trots out “The Tyranny of the Majority” as his excuse for not voting for a bill. Sickening how Democrats have been accepting Manchin’s word as gospel as to his motivations or objections re: the passage of a bill.

I haven’t heard a single Democrat complain about Sen. Manchin sitting as Chairman of the Senate Energy and Resources Committee for the past 11 years, setting America’s energy policy and batting down clean energy legislation for the past eleven years.

Now everyone is surprised that Sen. Manchin Lucy’d the hell out of Charlie Biden Brown with Manchin’s “FUGHETTABOUTIT” announced on FOXNEWS, as Manchin was on his way back to DIRTY COAL COUNTRY for the holidays.

The conservative claim that a “Majoritarian democracy is inherently dangerous because the majority could oppress or exclude minority groups” is a false claim regarding the United States.

First of all the purpose of this old shoeworn, conservative claim is to attempt to con the American people into thinking majority rule is wrong and inherently dangerous, so the solution is minority rule over the majority will of the people.

Secondly, the free exercise of one’s U.S. Constitutional rights safeguards a person from conservatives’ so-called “Tyranny of the majority.”

Our Constitution proscribes “Tyranny of the Majority” by guaranteeing certain inalienable rights, including who can vote, which cannot be transgressed by a majority.

What kind of human being would concoct such nonsense in the first place?

ANSWER: A white male conservative who is obsessed with minorities/people of color “taking over government and society.”

If you’re a young person this answer may sound far-fetched, but only because you weren’t alive in the 1960s and didn’t hear it all the time from family, friends and neighbors.

I recall being eight years old and hearing my grandfather warn us we better learn how to use a gun soon because “…ni**ers are going to take over one day and we have to be ready. They’re going to come break in our houses and rape all the white women.”

I was warned this repeatedly from as young an age as I can remember until I left the South when I was 17.